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Name:Raziel, AKA Osias Wolfe

Barren Void that's featureless

Can't turn the other cheek, it's far too bruised

(can't playthe partof saint;I won't pretend)

ABOUT:Raziel is the fallen archangel of hidden wisdom and knowledge. He fell from grace for refusing to bow to Humanity as he did to God. He spent his existence on Earth, and slowly became the diabolical Mephistopheles. He's spent time in Hell for his transgressions against a young man he was meant to teach and allow to take his place as the Prince of Thrones in heaven. He eventually got around to that bit, but not before becoming fully demonic. He was reformed as his true self at the hand of his brother Azrael, and his young legacy, Ariel Gagne. He is still a creature apart from Heaven's Kingdom.
He's found new purpose in being a proper daemon - a teacher of Mankind - while still staying out of the kingdom to which he was once chained. He himself has taken up a new nom de plume to blend in with Humanity; the name of Osias Wolfe, and has finagled a deal with a publishing company to sell his writing under the genre of fiction. His 'fiction', however, is so bound in realism, that one cannot help but wonder if what he's writing is not the truth under the guise of lies.


BLESSINGS/CURSES: He used to be extremely powerful, but now he has to relearn and rekindle his powers. It may seem like a challenge to most, but he sees it as a fine way to spend his time. Currently, his powers are teleportation, speaking to earth's energies and simple summoning and dismissal of objects, though he is working to acquire the rest of his gamut of abilities.
He is blind, though through dedication over the centuries, he has fine-tuned his hearing, so he has a sort of echolocation, which works well enough to navigate through quiet rooms, but he cannot 'see' small objects, has very little depth perception, and it doesn't work in loud places.
He also has talon-like nails, which are deadly sharp. He must take care not to harm the things he touches. His voice had power once, a low, terrible thing, but since Ariel's ascension, he speaks as would a human, albeit one with too much sarcasm.
Raziel is able to read from printed books by running his fingertips over the printing. This is not so much a power as it is a hard earned, honed talent. It isn't an exact thing, as he can only make out anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of the lettering, depending on how old the book is. Impressions on the paper smooth out after years. In the same vein, he can read, write and speak several dozen languages, including most European languages, as well as middle eastern dialects, Mandarin, Japanese, Egyptian, and several 'dead' languages, including Sanskrit/Assyrian, Angelic, and ancient Hebrew. He was the originator of a few now-ancient ways of writing, and had a hand in the inception of Enochian.
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Raziel is a character of my own making, with background in Kaballistic, Enochian, Judeochristian mythos, and other such dreck.
His PB Jeremy Dufour is not me, and I claim no right to him, or the photos of him. For a game.
Profile lyrics are from Assemblage 23 - Light

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